In honor of the greatest Serbian music composer.

Visual identities for a traditional event that has been held in Negotin, the birthplace of the famous composer Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac

This music holiday is organized in the memory of the greatest Serbian composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac. The festival hosts the most famous performers from Serbia and former Yugoslavia but also a number of world-famous pianists and choirs. Singing competition between choirs is the highlight of the event, and the accompanying program includes numerous painting exhibitions, book promotions, literary evenings.

Najavni_poster_2019Announcement poster, 2019


Bilbord_600x400Billboard, 2019


074df301219123b54343ddea9d6ab89bVisual identity was made of wheat, water and soil from Mokranjac’s grave (burial place: 29, plot: 40, The New Cemetery, Belgrade). The growth of the wheat was photographed each day. The composer is dead but the festival grows. The different stages of the growth are used on various press materials (posters, flyers, billboards…). The promo TV spot was made as gif animation.


b350344bb6be1bd396377e41f4985105Announcement poster, 2014


52aeb6e7eb98767ffdbde2ad28941fc0Announcement poster, 2012; (Embroidery made by women from Negotin)

Poster programskiProgram poster, 2012; (Embroidery pattern)


32d01753ac32eaf3369185067265f5f9Announcement poster, 2011

Umetnicki-plakat-100x70-cmAnnouncement poster, 2011; (detail)


37b144edd2fa248ddf44844cdc95d081Poster proposals, 2012


880555294cde84fb52043c12e497385eAnnouncement poster, 2010; (Humble letter, appeal of Stevan Mokranjac addressed to the Ministry of Culture regarding his schooling)

PLAKAT 100x70 programskiProgram poster, 2010; (A detail from the letter addressed to the ministry)


d17399bcda861bb7c7093356451fe707Announcement poster, 2006;