Poster design

Flower Carnival Bela Crkva
Carnival of Flowers in a international manifestation which is being held for more than 150 years in Bela Crkva, Vojvodina, Serbia. The grand finale of the carnival is a special event, a procession which passes the entire city. As the key motive on the 2017 posters, the most important archaeological object found in the surrounding of Bela Crkva was used - Dupljaja chariot from the Middle Bronze Age. The chariot, about 3.500 years old, is now "decorated" with flowers, birds, balloons and emoticons, alluding to the showpieces which carnival's participants are preparing for months before the procession.





ROSM_12Rosmersholm, The Belgrade Drama Theatre, 2017

ROSM_11Rosmersholm, The Belgrade Drama Theatre, 2017