All homes in the world are interconnected through an electrical grid.
This earthed system makes our appliances work: turning on and off, batteries charging, electrical shutters closing, alarms and microwaves beeping, shavers buzzing, lights flickering, air conditioners whooshing, refrigerators gurgling.

The wellbeing we enjoy comes into question whenever we notice an unusual act, an intervention such as a wallpaper print that simulates an open space, used as a mere decoration of a closed one.

In these eclectic moments, it appears to us that humanity, more than ever, needs earthing.

DSCF1752Unearthed; Barcelona, 2019

DSCF0080Unearthed; Negotin, 2016

DSCF7075Unearthed; Tirana, 2018

DSCF2099Unearthed; Morocco, 2015

DSCF1748Unearthed; Barcelona, 2019

DSCF3798Unearthed; Negotin, 2016

DSCF8746Unearthed; Negotin, 2016

DSCF9378Unearthed; Belgrade, 2016




DSCF2747-2Homesession Art Space, Barcelona; August 2019